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2 years ago

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I started with a gay husband, Craig, and had a great time with his friend Jay it was announced a couple of weeks. Craig was apetube every day that I will mention more, but I always say there once, thought I would have bottled it again, but so far, on Friday, Craig said he was going to the pub after work, I can imagine a beer, so I called my friend and he said he would be late was good, but asked me not to make noise when you drink cam home, are there early morning hours. you , if I told Craig, who was a gay bar and not let it bother me, you can get a little attention, ignore it, but said if you think he said with a wry smile, apetube I was only there 5 minutes and a man approached me, he's acting was very feminine and her eyes were on me when I said he was very strong, he was based and the blatant git pinched my butt, as he apetube spoke, I became interested in t. i was not " This seemed to be the theme of the night and the boys wbefore apetube outrageous, some speak openly resemble my step and I say it was a bit of me, so I tried to take it behind love, although I feel a little nervous. to it was about 2 hours, when I went to the bathroom and the side of Craig Firat time to go to go, as it was to get there i noticed 3 guys at the urinals, show all open to each other is hard cocks all turned to me a self- made ​​, I smiled and went to a cublicle sanctury, halfway I felt someone behind me and when I was ready and when I saw that shook the drops I felt a hand come around and I package, you want a hand was all he said, and he was apetube cold, he turned to shake and jerk but I tried to say it was OK, thanks, but before he could put me and led me quickly in the mouth. my hard disk in a hurry to reach the length of FUL, and the guy looked at me and winked at me, kept sucking and licking my cock, cock beautiful, he said,NT work, the other two guys at the urinals were behind him cock apetube jerks are normal, but the other was huge, was the first to speak, let me suction, he said, more or less pushed out the first man was crazy , but I enjoyed it, this guy asked me what I liked, but I said, I can lick his ass, he said he must have looked confused, he just smiled and turned around, bent over me and licked my hole. This feeling was incredible, but I felt very apetube vunerable, I get up, fuck, I asked, and felt him lean over me, I could feel his hard cock against my thigh masive, no, I said and quickly turnded round, the shame, he said, and proceeded to kiss me, I left, I see, he said only the speaking and went down to start sucking again, was only a matter of minutes, when I came in her mouth he swallowed hard and sat on the lot, if you ever want to fuck me just say, he said, placing his hand on the cheek apetube of my cock, bigSadie and left. turned to Craig and he smiled like a cat, you're having fun, I said that wrong, went to the bathroom I apetube said, I know it has to be screwed? i cam and has doubled its ass and edges with a big hard cock was about an inch of your ass fucking with two others not far either.
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